3900 Wildlife Way
Cleveland, Ohio 44109

The ECO Team brings you another public Green Bag Lunch seminar: Sustainability Manager from City of Cleveland, presented by Andrew Watterson, Program Director from the City of Cleveland.

The Green Bag Lunch seminar series is an opportunity for attendees to better understand the message of sustainability. The one hour, bring-your-own-lunch seminars take place in the Administration Building Auditorium at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. These seminars address a variety of topics centered on a sustainability theme or 'green' message to further the Park District's conservation mission.

The mission of the Employee Conservation Opportunities Team (ECO Team) is to explore, fund and implement sustainable practices throughout Cleveland Metroparks Park District. This team is working on matters ranging from sustainability curriculum in the public education arena to advocacy for alternative energy sources in internal operations. All of the initiatives meet the Park District's mission and are economically viable.

Official Website: http://www.clemetzoo.com/events/event.asp?event_id=119

Added by llmollyll on July 15, 2008