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Gojko Adzic's 3-day hands-on Agile Acceptance Testing & Specification by Example with Fitnesse Workshop teaches the principles, practices and techniques of agile acceptance testing and specification by example. It also focuses on the key agile development practices that will help you to deliver software that is fit for purpose and will enable you to focus development effort on things that really matter. In this workshop, you will learn how to build a shared understanding of the domain using realistic examples (business, qa, developers) and flush out inconsistencies and functionality gaps before the development starts during the example-writing workshop (business, qa, developers). You will also learn how to effectively influence the development process and build quality in from the start in the example-writing workshop (qa) and how to ensure that the specifications are understood correctly and implemented completely using acceptance tests (business, qa, developers). Finally, you will learn how to focus the development effort and ensure that the result is fit for its purpose using acceptance tests (developers), how to apply Test-Driven Development practices to guide programming (developers) and how to facilitate future change of code with acceptance tests, using FIT/FitNesse for maintaining acceptance tests

Official Website: http://skillsmatter.com/course/agile-testing/gojko-adzics-hands-on-agile-acceptance-testing-and-specification-by-example-with-fitnesse/wd-1002

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