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Concert promoter Noah Wick was at the height of his career when he received word last year that he had testicular cancer. Thanks to a team of talented doctors, Wick is in remission and as a means giving back, we've teamed up to bring you tonight's show, a benefit for the Shelby Webster Testis Cancer Research Fund featuring Thomas Starks & Ether Hour.

Thomas Starks

Genre: Acoustic Rock Singer-songwriter

Acoustic songwriting is music and artist stripped bare. There's not much cushion between performer and audience. It's all out there. So it takes a special performer to pull it off and pull it off with flying colors. That special performer is Thomas Starks of Seattle, WA. His music echoes the purity of the universe as well as the pain and pleasure of being human. He finds a unique resonance with which to communicate his heart and soul to listeners. Thomas Starks puts it all on the line and comes out shining.

Sometimes the experiences of the human soul are beyond adequate expression through words alone and something more is needed. Music is the greatest reflector of the human heart, capturing all its subtleties and nuances better than anything else could. Thomas Starks knows that in a dark corner, music is the boldest and best thing to become immersed in. “When I know that life has brought me to a point that mere words cannot describe, music brings me home.”

Confronting and exploring emotions is at the heart of the best songwriting and by dealing with these elements in their purest form, Starks is able to create music that appeals to a broad base of people; his songs are capable of netting fans from across a broad spectrum, because his messages are universal. “As a songwriter, I deal with emotions on a daily basis; as a musician, I take in the music around and attempt to blend the emotions with the melodies.”

There are times when the shadows descend so heavily that it's hard to see that hope really does still exist. This is another service of music that Starks' songs touch on. The right music is always capable of finding the light of hope, regardless of how sad a subject is being addressed. A distraught listener can find a smile again if the right song is being played. Catharsis is nearby when the music of a true musician is handy. A musician such as Thomas Starks. “Music allows me to feel as though there is still good in the world, and that's always a good thing.”

Starks is starting locally and expanding outward. It's inevitable that the ripples of Starks' songwriting should spread across the country. His music is deeply touching and infectious and is certain to inspire a wildfire of word of mouth. He is currently hitting the Seattle area with a view to casting the net wider to the Pacific northwest at large and down the west coast to California. From there, there's no stopping him. As for songwriting ... “That process never stops,” says Starks. And he has found the right vehicle in Seattle, to cut his first album to release on a public that will benefit greatly from the experience of Starks' songwriting. Keep on the lookout for “Songs from the Bus Stop”.

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/thomasstarks

Ether Hour

Genre: Pop Rock

Ether Hour was initially formed in mid-2005 as a two person studio project with Jacob Reidt on keyboards and Jeff Anderson shouldering the songwriting,singing, and remaining instrument tracks. In the fall of the sameyear, they began circulating demo tracks on the internet. With social networking sites, they quickly amassed over 10,000 plays and many thousands of appreciative friends. Using that following as a springboard, a live show was assembled with the addition of drummer Ted Powers. The mostrecent addition to Ether Hour is bassist Javier Suarez, a powerful musician that has received acclaim and distinction for his own song-writing, includingbeing named as the BBC’s Unsigned Artist of the Month for September 2006.

Ether Hour’s musical influences range from the acoustic/electric mix of Wilco to the rocking piano of Ben Folds. Anderson’s song-writing brings into mind a rangeof morose sentimentality found in the songs of Elliott Smith to the pop sensibilities of The Beatles. Combining elements of singer-songwriter, pop, jazz, rock,and blues, Ether Hour’s distinctive sound has something for every listener.In 2006, Ether Hour released their debut album effort, “A Plan Designed At Home”, a self-produced romp through an eclectic mix of styles. From the powerful rocking of “Leading Edge” to the acoustic sentimentality of “I Can’t Break”,Ether Hour seeks for new directions to explore; building upon the impressive arrayof independent music made available in the digital age.

For more information, visit http://etherhour.com/

Official Website: http://tripledoor.com/event.aspx?eid=2833&venue=mainstage

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