150 Attorney St.
New York City, New York

From the Sin-E mailing list:

DareDiablo still nobly transcend every other meatheaded hard rock clich by consistently pushing out thick, unadorned, intellectual rock and roll -- complete with compelling grooves, unremitting force, and lots of opportunities for bookshelf-shaking blasts. - Pitchforkmedia.com

Oh my God? I didn't know this raging hormonal ferociousness of a band was right in my neighborhood. I ironically initially heard of The Giraffes from Aesop Rock (the rapper) who suggested I check them out because I was a 'rock chick'. They used to play back-up for him (what?!). I'd noticed The Giraffes playing around quite a bit, but never made it to one of their live shows. I soon learned how crazy this band rocks. Like, real crazy -I'm talking metal licks, lots of roaring screams, fast-paced speedy drums and full-on bad-boy attitude. - 'sup mag

oh my god is a truly mind-blowing organ-drums-bass rock trio from Chicago. They've been touring nonstop the past two years, their high-energy live shows drawing comparisons to everyone from the Doors and Queen to Husker Du and Flaming Lips.

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