22 Fleet Street
London, England EC4Y 1AA

Taken from the e-consultancy Q&A,
A former senior product manager for Nokia’s internet tablet devices in Finland, Jyri Engeström this year left to form his own startup, Jaiku . It is part of a new wave of mobile presence services designed to help inter-company groups and loved ones stay in touch.

What is Jaiku?

It’s a web and mobile service that brings people closer together by enabling them to share their rich presence. It’s about enabling people to stay connected, rather than “connecting people“, because the connections with phones are often quite random - you don’t know if the other person is able to take your call but you still try because that’s your only option. Jaiku is more about a constant state of connectedness.

Jason Calacanis and Tyler Crowley will also be at the geekdinner thanks to NMK Forum - http://nmkforum.co.uk/

Official Website: http://www.geekdinner.co.uk/archives/2007/06/03/london-geekdinner-with-jyri-engestrom-of-jaiku-tuesday-12th-june/

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I'm going to see Bill Moggridge speak that evening, but hopefully I can use some kind of microblogging/mobile presence app to find which pub you lot are in!!! ;-)


Jyri is awesome and Jaiku is visionary.


I am facilitating the Bill Moggridge event, so I can't attend.


I can also confirm that Jason Calacanis and Tyler Crowley will also be at the geekdinner. They will be happy to answer questions about Mahalo the human search engine


Will be there -


fo shizzle


Lucky I booked them both for the Forum then isn't it.


The Bill Moggridge thing is at NESTA, which is just up the road from Fleet St., so should be easy to wander down once it's done...


Great, the other NMK Forum speakers and the organizers and a bunch of cool participants will be there for the dinner too. Can't wait to meet up with you all Tue. evening!


Sounds great - I'll be there. Is there any form of registration needed?


sorry guys calling in sick tonight :(