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Yes, the time is near! A Geek Dinner is at hand.

I have been trying to get one going for a few weeks now, after Ian pushed me to try it and take some weight of his shoulders. With the help of Ian and Glyn we managed to get Prof. Richard Clayton from the University of Cambridge to talk about:

“Evil ways to make money on the Internet”

I am still trying to confirm the availability of the venue but somehow there is never anyone present to confirm the reservation for me. For now though, Put the date (February 7th) in your favorite calendar application. The Geek Dinner will probably start at 7pm and go on until we get kicked out. Food is £5 as usual and make sure to either let me know you are coming on my blog or here.

Official Website: http://blog.cristianobetta.com/2008/01/28/geek-dinner-with-prof-richard-clayton/

Added by cbetta on January 28, 2008



Will be there for the talk, but not staying for food probably. OK to video it?




I think it is ok to video it.

Guy, you coming too?


I want to start videoing geekdinners anyway because its important.


Damnit! You would pick the one day I'm not in London...


Oh noes! This clashes with the Policy Unplugged / Techlightenment 'Seriously Social' event which I'm attending...


@reynolds, @deirdrem, you could still join us at were wolf night ;)


Hello all,

What is the format for this event? Will Dr. Clayton speak at 19:00 or is there no formal presentat, just informal questions, eating, and socializing?




Hi Mike,

The format is a loose social event, with Dr Clayton speaking at around 20:00. People normally start arriving at 19:00 and we wait for most of them to arrive before the talk.

The talk is 30, maybe 45 minutes and after that we socialize a bit more and everyone has time to talk with the speaker. The die-hards hang around until 23:00 when we get kicked out of the venue.


@cristiano, sorry, going to have to give it a miss as still getting over illness earlier in the week.