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Science information affects every part of our lives from the cars we drive to the foods we eat to the music we listen to. Improvements and innovations in all realms of society are based upon a baseline level of knowledge developed under the rigors of scientific exploration. Yet even with the importance placed on the practical use of scientific results, why is it that graduates of the most prestigious universities in America like MIT and Harvard cannot answer basic science questions like why there are four seasons or why we see phases of the moon? A decline in student achievement in basic science education threatens our legacy of contributing to scientific research and our economic competitiveness. Dr. David L. Evans, Smithsonian Under Secretary for Science, will talk about how the Smithsonian is helping to bridge the achievement gap in science education. He will provide examples of how Smithsonian exhibits, educational programs, and online information help to inspire, inform, and educate our visitors. Event will be held in the Space Hall at the National Air and Space Museum.

Added by ducharmem on July 17, 2006