375 11th Street
San Francisco, California 94103

Fog City Wrestling

7pm - 10:30pm.
all ages.

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Main Room:
El Chupacabra v. Malachi
"The Thorough Bred" Dan Danielsen v. Sheik Khan Abadi
Arik Cannon v. Vinnie Massario
The CBX v. Reno Scum
The Matt Carlos Movement
Also in Action:
Todd Bridges
Dylan Drake
Chicano Flame
King Dabada
Late Night Prime Time
The SideShow
And making her FCW "Ladies Throwdown" debut, The Awesome Kong
Nikki the NY Knock Out
Erica D'Erico
Christine von Erie

"When the bomb dropped, the city was blanketed in Nuclear Winter.
From the ashes We gave them a Resurrection.
Now its time for Ascension.
Monsters will walk the land.
Careers will be put on the line.
Movements will be set in stone.
Pride will be restored.
Ladies will throwdown...

Fog City Wrestling - if not us, than who?

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Official Website: http://www.dnalounge.com/calendar/2009/04.html#24

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I've been to to every FCW event this year and I've enjoyed them all. Its worth the money. You can freely walk around up stairs and down stairs. You can sit in the front row and have the action right in front of you. I see the same people so it's really fun.