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SVN is "Subversion", a "version control system", used to store current and historical versions of digital files. Want to find that alien image you made 3 months ago? Need to replace files but change your mind later? Well you're in luck! Blasting straight out of the Delta quadrant comes that true black hole for files: SVN. SVN can be a dark, cold and lonely place but fear not, for intrepid SVN Commander Paul Hayes is here to show designer and developer alike why they need the cosmic power of version control.

Designers: are you fed up of writing file names like ASTEROID-BELT-v5-copy6.3.jpg. Do you think SVN is some extraterrestrial science that programmers use? Well it is, but it can also be powerful for you, and the dashing Commander Hayes will show you why.

Programmers: do you think SVN is a pain in the rear thruster? Well there really aren't any reasons to be miserable, just set your lasers to 'COMMIT' as Paul, with his squadron of hints tips and problem solving anecdotes, shows you how to tame the alien menace. He'll blast your doubts into the 24st century!

Lifeforms from the Planet Mac, the Microsoft system, and those mysterious multidimensional hydra-headed gestalt entities known as Linux Geeks are all welcome. Step aboard as Commander Hayes boldly goes into uncharted file revisions. Enter the airlock and prepare to head out into deep space with Commander Hayes and the Starship SVN.

Official Website: http://flashbrighton.org

Added by flashbrighton on March 6, 2009


Jim Callender

Any chance the notes from the event will be on slideshare or similar afterwards?