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Python is a dynamic and flexible OO programming language and Django is a popular web framework written in Python that allows one to build complex web applications on very tight deadlines. It makes working with relational databases super-simple and can create web-based data interfaces, leading to more productivity gains. Like a good jazz guitarist, Django can react swiftly and smoothly to the rhythm of your work, giving you space and time to improvise in turn.

Really smooth jazz takes practice though, and only a true virtuoso can lead the way. That's why we've got code artiste Simon Willison in to take us through the scales. Simon Willison co-created Django and knows the fretboard of the code like the original gypsy swinger Django Reinhardt himself, after whom the framework is named.

Simon will swing thru a Django overview and follow that up with a more detailed look at what it provides. Finally he'll ad-lib through a complex Django application, which includes a Flash tool that allow users to design their own profile pics, pulling all the elements together into a really interesting composition, yah!

Whether you've experimented with server-side stuff before or haven't even opened the trumpet-case of backend code yet, there's something for all levels of musicality here; Simon will have you blowin' your sweet little horn in no time!

Come swing with Simon, Django and the rest of the boys in the basement of the Werks next Tuesday. Book your seat now and get ready to feel there should be a saxophone in the corner.

Official Website: http://flashbrighton.org

Added by flashbrighton on March 27, 2009