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Sebastian Burns pointed one withered finger at his monitor and asked 'Smithers, who are those people?'

'That's Neil Simpson sir, from sector FlashBrighton. All of them are from FlashBrighton,' said Jo Smithers

'Smithers those people have a dash I find most enervating, have them brought here immediately. And fetch me a cushion, my arm is beginning to tire.'

After lovingly supporting Burns' arm on a circular pink pillow, Smithers voiced a command into the intercom and the group shambled apologetically into the office.

'Ah ladies, gentlemen,' began Burns, pressing his fingers together. 'FlashBrighton is changing. Smithers, tell them how.'

'Yes sir. Firstly our name is changing to DotBrighton, in recognition that our digital creativity remit encompasses more than just Flash these days. Secondly we are moving from weekly Tuesday meetings to fortnightly Wednesday meetings. And thirdly we are revamping our website to reflect these changes.'

'This is where you come in,' cut in Burns. 'I need backend devs, HTML gurus, and anyone with experience working with the Facebook, Upcoming, and Twitter APIs, to help rebuild the website. Our first meeting as DotBrighton will be a hack-night to start this process, at 7pm on Wednesday 28th July at The Werks. We're talking audio visual multimedia. Voluntary attendance will be mandatory, I trust I have made myself clear?'

Yes Mr. Burns,' said Simpson blankly, who had instead been mesmerised by the appearance of chocolate sprinkles on Burns' donut-like cushion.

Official Website: http://flashbrighton.org

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