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In the almost unbelievable case that there is ANYONE out there who doesn't know what a Flojo is, it's:

A coding team in rotation, five minutes in the ActionScript hotseat for each coder, then the next person takes over. A collective goal to aim for; in our case, FINISHING THE SAME BL**DY PONG GAME WE'VE BEEN CODING FOR WHAT MUST BE YEARS BY NOW! That's right everyone, put some time in on "Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing" over the next few days cos next Tuesday we're really gonna go for it and try put this pongy puppy TO BED! The aim is to finish the game!

Now, the more anally-aware of you might be thinking:

"but wait a cotton-picking moment, the helpful and informative FlashBrighton calendar says the 24th of June is reserved for the latest 'Flash Film Carnival 'O Fun' with our own ringmaster of enormous fun Rich 'Gwan-an-ting' Mitchelson... doesn't it?"

Well... yes, 'least ways it did until recently. We wouldn't be about to deny that "you right 'bout that" for 'tis true, but we've put that particular amazing amalgam of animated antics back a few weeks so we can get the right venue and make it not just plain awesome but TRULY STELLAR. Watch this space for details...

In the meanwhile: heads up y'all, lets get ship-shape and Bristol fashion cos we've got a hot Florence-Griffith-Joyner enroute and a game of Pong to finish. YOUR PONGY NEEDS YOU! Get your coding fingers at the ready. Hell, why don't you get some typing practice in by reserving your hotseat at the table RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW?

Official Website: http://www.flashbrighton.org/wordpress/?p=133

Added by flashbrighton on June 18, 2008