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Flash is one of the most engaging and innovative, and versatile technologies available - allowing the creation of pretty much anything from simple slideshows, animated banners and icons and cartoons, to Rich Internet Applications, Interactive videos, and dynamic user interfaces for web sites, kiosks, or DVDs. The possibilities are endless, except that now, it just got better. In 2007, Adobe released Flash CS4, which boasts a whole host of new features, including fully customizable workspace, full ActionScript 3.0 support, a PSD importer, a tween-to-code animation converter, and much more. In this course you'll learn Flash CS4 from the ground up. If you already know Flash, you will learn about all the new features.

What you will learn

* The ins and outs of the Flash CS4 interface
* How to use all of Flash CS4's essential features, such as text, graphics, and animation
* How to use video and sound effectively in Flash
* The basics of ActionScript 3.0
* Building Flash user interfaces rapidly using components
* How to populate a Flash movie with dynamic data such as XML.
* The Basics of creating Flash Lite applications (Flash for mobile devices)
* Using Cascading Style Sheets with Flash
* Optimizing and publishing your Flash movies

Official Website: http://www.fmctraining.com

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