Place Canada (Canadian Embassy Building) B1F, 7-3-38 Akasaka, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture 107

Harry Hill Co-Founder of H&R Consultants and COO of Oak Lawn Marketing
Oak Lawn Marketing is the largest infomercial company in Japan and the fourth largest TV Shopping company. As a media company, OLM controls more minutes on terrestrial, cable and satellite television than any other company in Japan.

As a brand company, OLM uses the power of its 70 plus hours per day of television commercials to implement its Shop Jabranding strategy of power branding, which has allowed OLM to create brand awareness and recognition for its top selling products. In the last several years OLM has had the best selling brand in Japan (yes, all of Japan) in categories like EMS devices (Slendertone), mattress toppers (True Sleeper) and steppers (Lateral Thigh Trainer).

OLM has achieved steadily increasing profits while growing its revenues from approximately 11 billion yen in 2003 to estimated 19 billion yen in fiscal 2005. Today, Oak Lawn Marketing has 230 full-time employees, several very profitable subsidiaries including the H&R Consultant?s group of companies and a 200-booth call center with over 400 contract employees.

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