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Looking for venture capital in all the wrong places? Tired of jumping through hoops to secure the funding you need? Want to gain some valuable tools that will allow you to make a standout presentation to VCs and angel investors?

Then don't miss our EMERGING TECH INVESTMENT FORUM on January 23-24, 2008 in San Jose. Kick-start the New Year with an opportunity to present your company to a list of premier venture capitalists and corporate investors who are seeking investment in clean tech, nano tech, bio tech and aerospace industries.

The Emerging Tech Investment Forum will include a pre-conference training program focusing on Business Re-engineering and "Training the Trainer" Certificates in clean tech and nano tech. Training in either of these courses is a wise investment in your future as a nanotechnologist or clean tech entrepreneur.

Registration fee for the presenting company is $790. However, if you register for the Forum and enroll one other person in either training program, the registration fee drops to $395 per person. If you register two people (not including yourself) in the training course, the presenting fee will be $195. If three or more people register for training, there is no cost to you to present at the VC Forum.

We do require a deposit for the training, but the cost of enrollment will be reimbursed upon completion of the course and the timely submission of a final project proposal.

If you are a small business or entrepreneur, you cannot afford to miss this event!

For more information on the Emerging Tech Investment Forum, go to http://ianano.org/Investment-Forum.htm.

To present at the investment forum, please first register your participation at http://www.nanotechcongress.com/registration.htm.

If you would like to register by phone or have additional questions, please call (408) 280-6222.

Official Website: http://ianano.org/Investment-Forum.htm

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