736 Ponce de Leon Place
Atlanta, Georgia

Sometimes an album drops in your lap that you just have to stop whatever you are doing and listen. Kudu is this way. Whatever I was expecting was totally not what I got. But then how could you expect Kudu? What could have been a simple electro-rock album is simply not. Kudu did not take the easy way out. They created a masterful hodgepodge that does not reflect on the flavor of the month, but rather an eclectic blend of sounds and styles that seems to be honest to themselves alone. Like I said, Kudu?s Death of the Party could have been a simple electro-rock album and stopped there. But they went above and beyond with influences ranging from R&B to hip-hop to stripped down funk to pure pop to 60s girl groups to 90s dance to whatever. And while all these sounds could totally be juxtaposed against each other, Death of the Party never feels this way. There is unique synergy that just feels so natural. *courtesy this.bigstereo.net album out 3/16

Added by kissatlanta on February 23, 2006