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The EDGE Brainstorm Conference is a unique and one-of-a-kind event where you can listen to and learn from some of the most prominent and inspiring international speakers and take advantage of our vastly extensive network of leading CEOs, managers, entrepreneurs, politicians, and other unique and successful individuals from all over Europe.

Why collectivity

This year’s topic, COLLECTIVITY, was inspired by and evolved from the new emerging trends of COLLECTIVENESS in the 21st Century – we will jump back to rediscover the early days of this phenomenon. Everything from the human body to an entire society is a delicate mixture of varying networks – from the interconnectedness of the biological structure of our body to the interdependent relationships between social, economic, and political structures within a society. The YES Conference will seek to push questions on COLLECTIVITY to the EDGE, and we will explore the interconnectedness of various networks and their influence on individuals, economies, and entire societies.

Covered topics:

Environment and Development: How is the environment a crucial and key factor in the development of individual talent?
Individual vs. Team Player: Has anything great ever truly been achieved individually?
Creative Thinking and Learning: Why is thinking outside of the box important?
Creative Execution: How to make it happen?

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