1965 Main Street
Vancouver, British Columbia

American animator Trixy Sweetvittles (Blue's Clues, Dreamlover Fondue) once declared that she could always recognize Atlantic Canadian animation because of its confessional, heart felt content, frequently paired with a hand made aesthetic. This analysis could be applied to "Video Valentine", a collection of east coast shorts screening at Video In Studios on February 14th at 8 pm.

The program spans a wide range of techniques (including clay, cartoon, collage, and puppet) from a diverse group of independent artists. Yet, each piece boldly offers an unapologetic documentation of personal struggles and triumphs. All of the artists take full advantage of the very personal, often playful, creative process of animation.

It is extremely rare for Maritime artists to bring their work directly to a west coast audience, leapfrogging over the broadcasters and curators in Upper Canada. Yet, each of these shorts was handpicked exclusively for this Vancouver screening. 18 pieces were assembled for the show, including a few world premieres.

Since it incorporates the work of over a dozen filmmakers, the program will especially appeal to film enthusiasts with a short attention span. Those who dare to behold the screening will be thrilled, chilled, amused and astonished by Atlantic Canadian animation.

The East Coast Animation program will include:

Say Cheese
Directed by Tara Wells
Silly little monkey! Enter a world of a magical little puppet with a passion for music and a knack for creative problem solving. (3 minutes)

There's a Flower in My Pedal
Directed by Andrea Dorfman
The director of Parsley Days and Love That Boy unveils the secrets of happy living with an irresistible beat. (3 minutes)

Directed by James MacSwain
This is a cautionary tale for drug-addicted archeologists, using collage animation. (3 minutes)
My History Project
Directed by Glenn Walton
Glenn Walton reveals his roots as they intertwine jet planes with the Titantic, his parents, and his filmmaking career. Bonus inclusion of that classic cinematic technique: arrow-traveling-over-map animation. (3 minutes)

Bohemian Town
Directed by Helen Hill
A whimsical salute to Halifax, Nova Scotia, offering a puppet documentary of life on its streets. (2 minutes)

Directed by Lisa Morse
Unpredictable, unsettling, unconventional Flash animation. (1 minutes)

The Last Hula Doll
Directed by Edgar Beals
Is there hope for hula dolls in a Flash-animated post-apolcalyptic nightmare? (9 minutes)

plickey + muto (Fetch)
Directed by Edgar Beals
Plickey and his faithful pup Muto cavort in a surreal landscape full of surprises. Flash animation, (7 minutes)

King Kong vs. Aquadrillicus
Directed by Jay Silver
Thrill to this battle on Skull Island between vicious puppets. (1 minute)

Ship of Fools (excerpt)
Directed By David Armstrong
Poetic dream-imagery flickers before your eyes. (1 minutes)

The Chase
Directed by Ron Doucet
Warning: this violent, fast-paced, thrill ride of cartoon animation will take your breath away. (2 minutes)

First Steps
Directed by Tom Power
Gorgeously photographed, then animated in Flash using cut out techniques. Under the watchful eyes of a crow, a new creature is born in a quarry. (3 minutes)

Pen Pals
Directed by Art Curry
An animator's desk becomes the scene of a duel. Who will win the affections of the fair pencil? 3D computer animation, (6 minutes)

deep deep red berries
Directed by Christina Felderhof
Clay animation offers an unflinching look at the horrifying dangers of life in the forrest for little furry critters. (6 minutes)

Directed by Rachel Morrison
A cartoon interlude that is cute, and revolting, all at once. (30 seconds)

Dawn of the Pixies
Directed by Tara Wells
Adorable sprites interfere with nature while a haunting audio collage soundtrack plays. Mixed techniques (2 minutes)

Directed by Jay Silver
A hilarious romantic tale, animated with blocks of Lego. (30 seconds)

Added by Video In Studios on January 26, 2006