1515 Broadway
New York, New York 10036

Immerse yourself in the cutting edge sounds of East Village Radio. Every Tuesday night, under the Brooklyn Bridge, a new sonic ambassador from the critically acclaimed radio station will spin their wares at the Spiegel Garden. The sounds of Soul, Jazz, New Wave, British Underground, Reggae Roots, French Pop and more will waft through the night air and fill your ears with delight.

This Tuesday night, Tim Love & Mike "Coach" Messenie, host of "Two for Tennis," will be behind the turntables; Tummy Touch Records founding father, Tim "Love" Lee and the venerable Coach MP Messenie, make selections inspired by real ales and team spirit....a show both unconsidered and persnickety. Occasional styling by Bruce Force and Rashy-Balls Serpico make it a solid performing outfit.

Official Website: http://vintagedj.com/where.html

Added by vintagedj on July 6, 2007