5th and Neches
Austin, Texas

Co-sponsored by Make Magazine, SXSW Interactive and the International Game Developers Association of Austin

Lineup at http://www.dorkbotaustin.org/sxsw

Official Website: http://dorkbotaustin.org/sxsw

Added by davidnunez on February 4, 2008



added this event to our shared community calendar at Insider's Guide http://sxsw.ning.com

see you there!


The dorkbot website says RSVP is required, with a link to here. So exactly what will be required? "I'm Watching?" "I'm Attending?" Something more, something less?

And are SXSW badges necessary?



Okay, David Nunez hints in Twitter that this is the guest list for non-badgeholders. That would make sense. Can we get confirmation?

I sure wish every SXSW entry in Upcoming would clearly state its badge requirements...


I'm going to chime and agree wholeheartedly with riddle. SXSW events posted here should list whether badges are required or not.


badge required unless you rsvp here or via signing up for dorkbot-austin announce list. see http://www.dorkbotaustin.org/sxsw


Heya guys! Can't attend the con this year but will come by the event!! Can't wait to see you all ;)


DL Byron

dorkbot tent is across from our Bike Hugger tent -- come on over, cause we're going over there.


Put me on the list please -- Regan Brown. Thanks!


OK david... this is mel riser

RSVP me...


RSVP me. Paul Atkinson

jackson s

I'll be there- put me on the list for "no badges".

Javier the Film Guy

I'll be there! Looking for Sparky...

Javier the Film Guy

I'll be there! Looking for Sparky...


I signed up for the dorkbot email list, will there be a person there with a list of members or do I need to do something before i show up?


I'll be attending with 3 high school students in tow. (I wanted to make sure they're on the list...)


Signing up for:
Ponty Lox
Juno Lox
Muck Muck Lox
Orangework Lox
and Amy Brown
We're trying to convince Brad and Angelina to go with us, but they had to go to Wal-Mart - huh? Only the best for them I guess...


I'd like to RSVP for 4 people, I'm already a dorkbot-announce member, is this how to RSVP?