Key Street
Ipswich, England IP4

The Curiosity Collective will be presenting a preview of the latest curious techno-art constructions arising from their warped imaginations, and invite you to participate, interact and build stuff yourself!

This informal Saturday presentation will showcase the latest ideas and implementations. The collective will be drawing with lasers, creating video illusions with paint-rollers and sellotape, testing out a touch sensitive table. warping the electrical fields of phosphor screens with magnets.

Workshops are scheduled for...

1pm BEAM robotics - build your own robot
2pm Zoetrope construction - take home and keep
3pm Kid-friendly programming - Free programming tools even your granny can use

...there will be plenty of opportunities to learn about Puredata, Processing, Micro-controllers and the various media processing and generation tools in use by the collective.

Members of the collective are active participants in global hacker and maker communities, creating strange contraptions and experiences, employing hardware and software which is freely available to all.

The techniques used are typically shared (open source) to enable others to experiment with emerging tools and technologies.

This workshop event is the first Saturday show of the Ipswich Key Arts Cobbler (one event for every Saturday in April).

See for archives of previous presentations.

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