111 Grand street
New York City, New York 11211

Photography, Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Sound and Media Work by:

Pasqualina Azzarello, Cecilia Biagini, Tim Dowse,
Free 103 Transmission Artists, Mckendree Key,
Facundo Newbery, Clifford Owens, Matt Pass, Lee Ranaldo, Todd Rosenbaum and Damian Catera.

Curated by Todd Rosenbaum and Damian Catera

April 23- June 6
Opening Reception Saturday April 23, 2005 6-9pm
Free 103 Radio 4X4 performance events Friday May 6, Saturday June 4 @ 8pm

The varied works in this exhibit loosely reflect and invoke a blurring of the senses (synesthesia) and celebrate the inherently ephemeral nature of these connections. The meaning and presence of these crossed circuits are always in flux; they represent a fleeting perceptual moment?.a snapshot of what is possible. These works, which come from a variety of mediums, encourage the viewer/ experiencer, to reflect on the process of experiencing art in a multidimensional, multi-sensory way. The negotiation of this is a constant process, a succession of ephemeral moments. In assembling this exhibit, we were able to consider a wide variety of works, that may not have been created with these concepts in mind, but were still open to be interpreted and experienced within this conceptual framework.

Sonic Youth founding member and guitarist Lee Ranaldo will exhibit String Resonance a guitar with a speaker inside, which plays intermittent feedback tones and then silences. The tones cause the strings to vibrate and 'sound' once the actual recorded sound stops. Hogar Collection?s co-director Cecilia Biagini presents a new series of alluring color photograms that formally and technically recall Man Ray?s early practices of camera less photography, but are more layered, textured and multidimensional and at times appear as graphical scores for a music beyond our imagination. Brooklyn based painter Pasqualina Azzarello will be exhibiting charcoal drawings, which she creates in response/performance to the tarantella; Italian folk music based on the tarantismo, which is a traditional Southern Italian healing ritual. Pasqualina will also do a performative painting/wall drawing at the April 23 opening in collaboration with Skyline, a deconstructive electronica duo featuring John Baird and Damian Catera. In Mckendree Key?s Floating Belongings, a series of photographs show articles of clothing afloat in the East River. These pieces evoke a mysterious sense of touch while reinforcing the ephemeral relationship between the objects and their environment. She has recently been in exhibitions at The Fleming Museum in Vermont and Socrates Sculpture Park in New York.

Crossed Circuits will also feature a headphone listening station featuring sound works from several Free 103.9
Transmission Artists, interpreting various sense experiences through sound. This station will include works by Scanner, Michelle Nagai, Tom Roe, Ben Owen and Damian Catera who will do a sonic interpretation of one of Cecilia Biagini?s photograms. Rounding out the exhibit: a new video work from Clifford Owens, who is currently featured in the Greater New York show at PS1, paintings by Facundo Newbery, which were created using tire tracks from cars. Facundo's paintings recall an unknown future or past and contain the record of an anonymous journey. Also in the exhibit: a piece by Minneapolis based sculptor Tim Dowse and interactive sound sculptures by Matt Pass and the Crossed Circuits curatorial duo of Todd Rosenbaum and Damian Catera.

In addition to the Azzarello/Skyline performance at the April 23 opening, there will also be two Radio 4x4
performances, organized by Free 103. Radio 4x4 is a live installation and performance where four simultaneous
audio performances will be separately transmitted through FM transmitters to radios positioned throughout the
performance space. Each radio receives only one of the signals, so that the audience becomes an active collaborator in the performance, "mixing" the audio feeds by moving about the space among the four signals. The artists perform both individually on independent radio frequencies, and collectively. Radio 4X4s have been presented at the Walker Center, Art in General and the Gwangju Biennale in South Korea.

The May 6 Radio 4X4 will feature sound artists Tom Roe, Matt Pass, Radio Ruido and Michelle
Nagai. This quartet will engage a live drawing by Cecilia Biagini and Dahlia Fischbein.

The June 4 Radio 4X4 will feature poet GE Schwartz, sound artist Matt Mikas, Daniel Clapp, Todd Rosenbaum and Cecilia Biagini .

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