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Class is in session, but you've never taken a course like this before! Join me, Corinne Fisher, for a history lesson. The only trouble is my lessons tend to get a bit, well, personal... I'll regale you with 100% true (and 110% disturbing) stories of one of the most integral parts of my family's history -- stalking! Famous or non-famous, old or young, male or female -- The Fisher family does not discriminate! I'll teach you some of our trade secrets so that you, too, can have the tools you need to follow Vivian Vance into a convenience store, walk the hallways of Dawson's Creek's Capeside High with Josh Jackson, make a fake pizza delivery to the hottest guy in your high school, or "befriend" your favorite folk singer on Facebook. You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape our love...and you won't.

Directed by David Crabb

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