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Convergence is an annual gothic-industrial festival, now in its 13th year. It is a chance for many goths and others who normally only meet on the Internet to come together in real life. Convergence is held in North America, in a different location each year voted on by previous attendees.

Convergence was started as a gathering of posters to the Usenet newsgroup alt.gothic. That definition has expanded over the years as online forums have evolved and changed. Today's Net.Goth can be defined as any goth who uses the Internet, and is involved in gothic culture through email lists, MySpace, LiveJournal, or other forum. The fact that you are reading this FAQ over the Internet means you could be a Net.Goth.

Convergence itself has evolved over the years, from a tiny gathering in Chicago to large festival events like C13 - the size and constituancy seems to change from year to year. One thing is always consistent, however: The purpose. Convergence is more than an exhibition of bands, more than a great theme or well-planned activities. It is a celebration of the greater Gothic-Industrial and Net/Alt.Gothic community, with the purpose of converging upon a different city each year to spend time together.

While Convergence committees strive to provide a high level of entertainment value, its emphasis on the attendees, our culture, and the quality of the experience is what sets it apart from other festivals.

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