11th and Congress
Austin, Texas

Thursday, March 19, the Capital Punishment subcommittee in the Texas House of Representatives in Austin will hold a hearing on a bill to end the death penalty under the Law of Parties and other bills on a moratorium on executions and a death penalty study commission. The Law of Parties is the law that allowed Kenneth Foster and Jeff Wood to be sentenced to death, even though they did not kill anyone or intend anyone to be killed.

We need as many people as possible to go over to the capitol and sign in in support of HB 877, HJR 24 and HB 2267. All you have to do is fill out a postcard sized form in the room where the hearing is taking place and mark that you are in favor, then you can leave. Or you can stay and testify in person.

The meeting starts at 8 AM, but it is likely to recess at 9 and then reconvene after the full House adjourns around 11. There are other bills scheduled to be heard at this meeting too, so we don't know what time the Law of Parties bill will be heard, but you can sign the form as being in support at any time while the meeting is taking place and then leave. Try to be there at 8 AM, but come later if that is the only way.

The hearing is in room E2.016 at the Texas Capitol at 11th and Congress. Take the elevator down to level E2.

Call Scott Cobb at 512-552-4743, if you have questions.

Official Website: http://texasmoratorium.org

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