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Compare the Code: Ehren Murdick on Http and open-uri

Thanks to feedback we received, we have started doing a session where we compare how Ruby does something versus other languages.

Topic 1: Ehren Murdick on a Home-Grown Distributed Ruby solution

Ehren had a server that he wanted to execute some code on. Instead of doing your traditional FTP the file over, he used the power of Ruby to create a more interesting server. He'll share his solution.

Topic 2: Joe O'Brien: Meta-programming in Ruby Creating your own tools

An overview of what a we mean when we talk about Domain Specific Languages (DSL's). I'll also talk about some of the common DSL's we see today (Rails and Rake) and some of the features of Ruby that allow these types of tools to be created. We will then get together and see if we can create our own DSL.


Added by anton on January 6, 2006

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