358 West 44th Street (@ 9th Ave)
New York City, New York

A Night of Original One Act Plays
One Night Only
Location: Sonnet Theatre (Producer's Club, 358 W 44th Street)
Tickets: $15
Email: filmstarco@yahoo.com for reservations


"The Break Night Club" by Rachel Langley -
Human relationships blossom in the wee morning hours of a 24/7 New York City diner.

"A Society of Rip Van Winkles" by Sarah Moon -
Roommates discuss an impending "big sleep" over a cup of steaming java and a bowl of Cap'N'Crunch.

"Fun City" by Bob Jude Ferrante -
A girl gets tricked into a fate worse than prostitution.

"Marilyn & Jackie, Oh!" by Cat Bistransin -
The Goddess and the Other Goddess discuss Abigail Adams, politics and the questionable charms of clam chowder.

"Men's" by Bob Jude Ferrante -
A young woman finds that wondering into unfamiliar territory can gain her an unfamiliar happiness.

Added by filmstarco on February 1, 2005