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CHAMELEON - prototype 7
Artist residency and exhibition of work in progress at Lighthouse
14 March - 28 March 09, Wed -Sun 11-5pm
Opening Artist Talk- 14 March 09, 3.00pm
Closing Artist Talk- 28 March 09, 3.00pm
At: Lighthouse
Why is it that one person can have the ability to ‘light up a room’?
How does a previously upbeat group become miserable?
The CHAMELEON Project merges art, neuroscience and technology into a poetic interactive video art installation driven by emotions of the audience. The work uses mind reading technology to assess and respond to the emotional states of the audience.
As members of the public enter the exhibition space, cameras will read their facial expressions and the video installations will respond accordingly. If viewers look happy, the video installations will respond with smiling expressions and so forth.

Tina Gonsalves will be resident in the Lighthouse space for two weeks in March 09. During this time she will work with her collaborators and members of the public to develop and improve Chameleon’s mind reading technology. The public will become active participants in the development of the Chameleon Project and will gain a greater insight into how technology-led art works. This two-week residency and exhibition promises to be unmissable for anyone interested in the collaborative and cross-disciplinary aspects of innovative digital art practice.

The Chameleon Project is a collaboration between Tina Gonsalves, media arts curator Helen Sloan SCAN, world leading neuroscientists and affective computer scientists. Chameleon further establishes Tina Gonsalves’ links with key research centres internationally including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Institute of Neurology (IoN).

Chameleon is funded through a large arts award Wellcome Trust, Arts Council England, Australian Network for Arts and Technology, Australia Arts Council, Lighthouse, and is supported by UCL, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, SCAN, MIT Media Lab and The Banff New Media Institute, Canada.

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