45 Church Road
Hove, England BN3 2BE

Relly presents:

Personality, Pulling Power and Prizes: Why good copy is your new BFF

Copy: all the words you use to sell yourself and your product. Your product might be your blog. It might be your handmade line of reconstructed garments. It might even be your handcrafted code designed to make any server swoon. Whatever it is, how you tell people about it makes a big (huge, enormous, gigantic, colossal) difference. In this short session I'll talk about developing your personal copy style guide and how to apply it to anything you want your web audience to love. Just for one night forget your web bling and concentrate on your web blather.

(PS - no English degree required)

Sign up will open on Wednesday 5th of March at midday on the wiki (http://brightongirlgeeks.pbwiki.com/)

Official Website: http://www.brightongirlgeekdinners.co.uk/

Added by rosiesherry on February 26, 2008



:( I'm in Edinburgh. Have fun!


Sign up is now open...


Drat isn't there one in April around the 5th-20th? :D


Hey Cindy, are you on our side of the pond in April? You and Matt should come over at some point -- I'm sure we'll have _some_ event planned.