90 S. Park Victoria Drive
Milpitas, California 95035

Athol Foden founder of Brighter Naming is our guest. Athol has over 16 years of experience in helping clients name companies, products, services, and taglines. He has two degrees in Computer Science and has been the consummate technical marketeer for most of his life. Today he is much more interested in spoken languages than computer languages, and has always been fascinated by names and word patterns. All that old Latin beaten into him at private school is now being put to good use.

Athol will lead the discussion and answer your questions about developing the right name for your company and product. He will elaborate on isssue such as on how startups should direct their focus when choosing company and product names:

1. Experiment with hundreds of names when you start
2. 1000 trademarks are filed a day. You will probably have to be somehow unique or different. Think outside the dictionary.
3. You are naming it, not describing it. Make sure you don't end up sounding like the major players in your industry.

Visit his website www.brighternaming.com for great articles on name generators, characteristics of good names, and naming biases and influences, or ever the orgin of the name 'Athol'. The discussion will be productive for everyone.

Athol has fun with the naming process and has written books and numerous articles and currently writes a blog which includes day to day naming stories. Ask him about some of those stories at Boostrapper's Breakfast on May 8.

Cost of breakfast + tip.

Official Website: http://www.bootstrappersbreakfast.com

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