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First published a year ago and out now in paperback, Benjamin Kunkel's brilliant, provocative debut novel, Indecision (Vintage), deftly works ground at once serious and funny. "A comico-philosophico-socialist-engagé-coming-of-age love story? A post-9/11 cri de couer? Dobie Gillis with drugs and advanced degrees in philosophy and public policy? The Marx Brothers allowing Karl to sit in for a spell? Whatever the genre, Indecision is a wonderful novel, and Benjamin Kunkel is able to provoke deep thought and deep laughter in equal measure." - Arthur Phillips, joined by Nell Freudenberger, Sam Lipsyte, Pankaj Mishra, many reviews, and many readers in strong praise. Benjamin Kunkel is also the founding editor of the magazine n+1.

Official Website: http://www.elliottbaybook.com/events/may06/kunkel.jsp

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