237 W 42nd St
New York, New York 10036

Strawberry Fields is a look-alike, sound-alike Beatles tribute, dedicated to bringing the audience as close to a real Beatles concert as you can get. The band features true look-alike performers, who speak in Liverpudlian accents and play on all of the vintage musical instruments that Beatles fans have come to recognize.

Added by Upcoming Robot on June 3, 2011


girl about town

Went to BB's on Saturday for their Beatle's brunch. The show was very good, all of the "Beatles" were very talented and personable. They played a variety of songs from different time periods and it was very enjoyable. However, BB's should be ashamed of themselves for the food they served. I certainly did not expect gourmet food, but I did expect something that was edible. Two words will describe everything, cold and dried out. I am not a fussy eater, I really would have been happy with a bagel and a hot cup of coffee. In a city like NY where we are know for our bagels, why would you put those disgusting, soggy mini bagels out? And cold coffee? So I thought, OK, you really can't screw up french toast. But yes, they can. Cold and hard. I will never go there again, because this was a total lack of regard for their patrons.

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