141 Sycamore St
Decatur, Georgia 30030

You've gotta love two girls who write and perform heart wrenching ballads like "Don't Get Too Drunk To Fuck" and "Stick It In." In fact, if only there were more girls out there like this. Unfortunately, there aren't... so I've resorted to importing the dirtiest of the dirty all the way from NYC to perform at Decatur Social Club.

That's right people... DSC is proud to welcome:

December 1, 2006

Avenue D

@ Decatur Social Club / Azul

"What happens when you’re a pair of fabulously hot girls (barely old enough to drink) from the moist and pseudo-primordial land of Miami who enjoy the musical strains of rap, freestyle, 80's New Wave, and punk? Well, if you‘re Debbie D. or Daphne D., you have no choice but to morph like a magical, fantastic robot into a volatile, hilarious ghetto booty group called Avenue D. Then you must fuse these musical influences (from 2 Live Crew to Cyndi Lauper, from Jem and the Holograms to CRASS) together to produce an awesome array of songs with all the style and fun of 80’s camp, mixed with hard-hitting beats, and a little "Girls Gone Wild" thrown in for good measure. Then you go forth and shock the legions of teeming masses in NYC and beyond! It’s God’s will! "


Avenue D - 2d2f -


Avenue D - MY Dirty South -


Official Website: http://www.kissatlanta.com

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