308 Bowery
New York, New York 10012

Saint Reverend Jen, elf-eared art star, troll museum curator
and Patron Saint of the Uncool, has heard the call of the
muse once again and has started a magazine! A.S.S.: Art Star
Scene Magazine, a publication with the mission "to promote
non-boring existence through art."

The A.S.S. Launch Spectacular will provide spectators with
the following: Performances by famed comedian/actress,
Janeane Garofalo, street performer and downtown art star,
Master Lee, a musical set by Jason Trachtenburg (of Slide
Show Player fame), plenty of mimes and a wondrous
performance by the legendary Mangina!

Why support A.S.S.? In a sea of entertainment magazines
packed with people who are already famous, fashion
periodicals full of anorexic models and mean-spirited
glossies for cool people, A.S.S. celebrates the uncool, the
marginalized, the dimple-butted, the sloppy, the eccentric,
the washed-up, the kind, the baby animal, the struggling art
star, the not-so-famous and the poor. Rather than feature
stories about edgy performers and bands that have already
made their way into the mainstream, A.S.S. catches art stars
on their way up (or their way down.) Each issue features a
different art star's hind quarters on the cover (Rev. Jen's
graces issue 1), so there's a little eye candy for everyone.
The magical premiere issue features interviews with bands,
Split Me Wide Open and Elf Power, book/music/movie reviews,
personal essays, ASS-trology, and more!

Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery, Manhattan
8p; $5

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