307 W. 26th St.
New York City, New York

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"NeoTokyo Girl Crush! 2040"
July 16, 23

Cult improv favorite "NeoTokyo Girl Crush! 2040" is back at the UCB Theatre every Friday, through July. The show uses the bizarre language of anime in a multimedia comedy show in which live actors portray Japanese cartoon archetypes in an original story.

Special effects are carried out by dark-suited kuroko (a convention borrowed from kabuki) that -- along with puppetry, video, projection, sound effects and lighting -- are used to recreate the unique look of anime for the live stage.

The story follows an American boy teaching conversational English in a questionable cram school, the superpowered schoolgirl who falls for him, and the perverted demon lady who has her own designs on him:

Can the kawaii schoolgirls of Girl Team Sakura fight off the very ecchi Mistress Yaoi from seducing their cram-school English teacher with her army of lustful tentacles. Who will win the all-NeoTokyo Pop Idol Contest to save the world from a transdimensional warlord in short pants? Baku baku for sweet strawberry? OK! Let's Girl Crush!

Find it: UCBT (Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre)
307 W 26th St. (btwn 8th/9th Ave.)
New York NY 10011
Get info: (212) 366-9176

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