85 East 4th Street, NYC
New York City, New York 10003

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July 21

James Blaylock, "Thirteen Phantasms"
Steven Popkes, ?Winters are Hard?

The Fantastic Fiction series, curated by
Ellen Datlow and Gavin J. Grant, is held the
third Wednesday of every month at 7pm at KGB. Come early.

?Thirteen Phantasms?: The first short story collection from Philip K. Dick Award-winning author James Blaylock features sixteen thought-provoking forays into the fantastic ? from a tale of alien influence on an ordinary neighborhood to the story of one man's self-destructive obsession with a dragon.

?Winters are Hard?: In the tradition of most writers, Steven Popkes? job has been what comes immediately to hand: house restorer to morgue tech to software engineer to white water rafting guide. He?s the author of ?Caliban Landing? and ?Slow Lightning?.

He shares his birthday with John Lennon and was married on the ten-year anniversary of his death. Both were coincidences and discovered after the fact.

Find it: 85 East 4th Street (just off 2nd Ave)
New York, NY 10003
Get info: (212) 505-3360

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