1 Queen's Quay West
Toronto, Ontario

You are invited to the dream boat. This is a very special Santa Cruz.
This is a night for your lovers, your singles, your sirens, your exes, your bosses, your friends.

Drinks on deck, dancing in the ballroom (Marvin Gaye, Canned Heat, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, CCR, The Supremes, Jamie Liddell),
bourbon and country in the Captain's private rotunda. Breakers and smooth moves, slow jams and fox trots, put it on and take it off.
Nametags and dance cards in effect.

DJs, dancers, hosts, video artists, photographers and performers to be announced.
Dress fine, spared the brine. Unswank, walk the plank.
9pm ? $10

Santa Cruise/Cruz
Friday, May 26
Captain John's Seafood Ship
1 Queen's Quay (at the bottom of Yonge Street)
9pm ? $10

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Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/santacruzforever

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