618 - 5th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta

This event is open to all Real Estate Agents. Current, past and non Ubertor clients are invited to participate in the workshop.

This Ubertor Real Estate Workshop is free to all Realtors.

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An Introduction to Ubertor Marketing Your Real Estate Website (1.5 hours)

This is a great opportunity to learn about:

Please, turn off your mobile phones and pagers for the courtesy of all attendees!

1. SEO Tools (25 minutes)
a. Get Firefox (http://www.getfirefox.com)
b. Get the Google Toolbar (http://toolbar.google.com/)
i. Spell Check and the Google Page Rank
c. Google Accounts
i. Maps
ii. Site Maps
iii. Analytics (Your Real Estate website statistics)
d. Recommended Vendors to enhance your listings:
i. http://www.EiEiVoice.com - Andrew Hasman Vancouver Real Estate example: http://www.andrewhasman.com/
ii. http://wwww.RealtySupport.ca
e. Why you should create an Upcoming Profile - MJ Ankenman Exaple
f. Report Spam
g. What is the difference between Google.ca and Google.com
i. How to get to Google.com
h. How to optimize your Internet Signature

2. What is Ubertor? (5 minutes)
a. Get Ubertor support (http://support.ubertor.com)
i. Self-Service Support
ii. Private Support Options

3. Ubertor Best Practices (20 Minutes)
a. Description Fields:
i. Address
ii. Postal Code
iii. Building Name
iv. Neighborhood
v. Property Type
vi. Description (Catch their attention!)
vii. Additional Features and Amenities
b. Using the Ubertor SEO Tab
c. How to write effective Page Title's
d. How to format your URL

4. Ubertor Property Categories (10 Minutes)
a. Niche's and Reciprocity Listings.
b. APC's (Automatic Populating Categories)

5. Blogging (10 minutes)
a. Automated Real Estate Blogging
b. Blogging Categories
c. What to blog about?

6. Online Classifieds (10 minutes)
a. Responsible Use
b. How to get click through's
c. Craigslist.org
i. Manually posting a listing
II. Ubertor Posting
d. Yahoo Classifieds
e. Google Base

7. RSS - Really Simple Syndication (10 Minutes)
a. Get it on your business card
b. Feedburner
i. Ping Shot
ii. FeedBlitz
iii. Standard Stats
iv. Smart Feed

8. Questions and Door Prize Give Away!

The training session is held at : 5 Calgary Downtown Hotel

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