911 N. University
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"EVENT: Psychology professor Claude Steele, whose expert testimony helped the University of Michigan win its case for diversity in admission before the U.S. Supreme Court in 2003, will deliver this year's Nancy Cantor Distinguished Lecture on Intellectual Diversity, speaking on "The Effect of Negative Stereotyping on Academic Performance."

Steele, distinguished social scientist and professor of psychology at Stanford University, was formerly a member of the U-M Psychology Department.

He has conducted research on whether prejudice and stereotyping can affect the performance of minority groups and women in academic settings. His expert testimony provided on behalf of the University in the affirmative action cases described factors that might cause African American, Hispanic and Native American students to perform less well than other groups on college aptitude tests.

PLACE: Hussey Room, Michigan League, 911 N. University"

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To read more about this, see the University Record: "Steele to address effects, remedies of 'social identity threats'"

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