154 West 29th Street
New York, New York 10001

NOTE: Only two groups perform per week. Please check online for the full schedule. Catch the best in New York longform improv. All the players are graduates of the PIT Program and represent our own special brand of improv. Suarez! is Rian Alfiero, Robert Cordel, Meg Griffiths, Chris Griggs, Pete LePage, Brian McManus, Jennie Smith, and Brett Wean. Fancy Dragon is Elna Baker, Maurico Bermudez, Chris Grace, Yang Miller, Sarah Nowak, Nate Starkey, Kevin Townley, and Katarina Wahlberg. Mingle is Tom Dimenna, Joe Garden, Chris Himes, Mark Lee, Walter Murphy, Katie Re, Kathryn Reynolds, and Vipin Sharma.

Official Website: http://www.thepit-nyc.com

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Upcoming attendees: please add yourself to the participants list on the wiki, and tag yourself as a:

author, designer, IA, publisher, developer, UI-tester

pick at least one.


Its across the street from 1 townsend if that helps location wise for anyone