Le Cafe, 53 Elgin Street (Elgin at Queen)
Ottawa, Ontario

Hosted by Tod Maffin from http://CanadaPodcasts.ca and http://TodMaffin.com/podcasting

UPDATE: I'm pleased to announce that the National Arts Centre has agreed to host our podcasting group! The NAC is at 53 Elgin Street (Elgin at Queen). Le Café (where we'll be) is on the canal side and can most easily be accessed from the walkway along the canal.

When you RSVP, please indicate the name of your podcast AND email me at tod@todmaffin.com to let me know you're coming. :)

Added by tmaffin on May 30, 2005



Oddly, I am in Montreal during the week. Because of the Indy, there are no hotel rooms Thursday night so I have to come back for the night. I'll see you there!


jaywest???? Are you a Podcaster now? What's your show?

CatFish Show

Looks like we are coming (hopefully we will find a babysitter by then, if not, you all get to meet Simon)


Great to hear it Cat and Bob!


see you there.

CatFish Show

Hey, I think AJ and Interplanet Janet will be coming in the van with us too!!

Lets not have an accident - alot of podcaster would be lost :-)


But if you do have an accident, make sure you're rolling tape.... ;-)


Don't think I'll be able to make it either - but I'd love to hear the outcome of all this. I've got the Ottawa Podcasts directory and would love to get links to all of the local shows.