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The Taiwanese Film Festival (TWFF) was first inspired through Ms. Angelika Wang, who introduced the essence of films and film festivals at UBCLE's film seminar at the 2004 Vancouver International Film Festival. An organizer of numerous film festivals herself, Angelika believed that there was something magical about films; the visual, musical, perceptual, and emotional components of films selected to create a film festival can be extremely inspirational. In September 2006, Mr. Yu-Chieh Cheng, director of the film "Do Over", spoke of his personal experiences at UBCLE's film seminar, describing his passion and determination to inspire lives through film. As a non-profit student club dedicated to promoting arts and literature, UBCLE executives desired to impact the student audience with a series of films that they would be able to relate to, feel inspired by, and learn from.

Vancouver has had many successful film festivals, but never one exclusively on Taiwan. With a large portion of BC's residents being ethnically Chinese, Taiwan's culture is one that many would identify with. We sincerely hope that the Taiwanese and non-Taiwanese student audience in the Western world will gain a better understanding of the Taiwanese culture through a Taiwanese film festival. On this note, UBCLE cordially invites you to the TWFF at UBC's Norm Theatre, featuring six award-winning films and documentaries from emerging directors of the 21st century that have revoluntionized Taiwan's film industry. Each story is set at a distinct location, be it a large city like Taipei or a rural farm in Tainan, accenting Taiwan’s inherent culture and beauty; together, the films form a rich and diverse cultural exploration representative of the whole of Taiwan.

TWFF has finally become a reality after months of grueling work, endless meeting hours, unwavering dedication from UBCLE's executives and assistants, and generous support from Rachel Fan, the Taiwanese Cultural and Economic Office, and the UBC Film Society. TWFF is the pilot project of many more film festivals to come. The ultimate goal is to inspire artistic and cultural interactions between the films and the audience, and UBCLE is ready to make that happen.

Official Website: http://twff.ubcle.com/

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