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Over the last year the interest and community around the Alfresco product has really begun to blossom. Those of us working with and evaluating Alfresco in the Boston / New England area are very fortunate in that there are quite a number of customers, community members, employees and service integrators at very close proximity to one another. Some of the greatest benefits to innovation found in open source software stem directly from the community that supports it. Our local community is rich in talent, mindshare, and passion – let’s capitalize on this! While we expect most in attendance will be local, all are welcome to attend.
The Christian Science Monitor would like to invite you to join us and others in the community for an Alfresco meet-up. This meeting will be an informal opportunity to meet one another, discuss our projects and progress and learn more about Alfresco and our community. We will have a few (non-sales) presentations and ample opportunity for attendees to get to know one another.

  • Opening 10 Minutes
  • Introductions
  • 1st Presentation (Rivet Logic - Overview of Alfresco Architecture)
  • Lunch 45 minutes - no presentations
  • 2nd Presentation (Possibility we will have someone from Alfresco for this)
  • 3rd Presentation 30 minutes (Optaros - Alfresco as a platform for development )
  • round table discussion (45 minutes)
  • closing

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You should RSVP to Russ Danner (dannerr [AT] csps.com) with the following information:

Name of attendee
Company/Organization of Attendee
Email Address
Dietary constraints
Plan on parking [Y / N]

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