42 Mowat Ave
Toronto, Ontario

UndoTV & PikSpot Preview Party

Join the PikSpot Team, Leo Laporte, Don Tapscott (via conference), and Chris Pirillo (via conference) for the UndoTV & PikSpot Preview Party.

  • Big screen presentation and event taping
  • Preview the pre-release UndoTV website
  • Demonstration of the pre-release PikSpot collaboration platform
  • Complimentary Refreshments
  • Be the first to receive an invitation code for PikSpot and UndoTV
  • Be a part of the preview video on UndoTV and PikSpot
  • Free Parking
About UndoTV
Today, the idea of a tech-centric TV network has disappeared from the minds of Hollywood's elite. Par for the course! Passionate communities are often kept an arm's length away from their favorite broadcasted content in traditional media circles.

TechTV alumni just wanted a place where we could all come together and funnel our independent efforts. "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" keeps ringing through my head - not just our existing content, but NEW stuff (and NEW faces) as well. Leo Laporte and Chris Pirillo have set the stage for UndoTV.

About PikSpot
PikSpot is designed to evolve web based self-publishing from a "wild west" environment to organized, collaborative communities PikSpot supports all types of media (pictures, audio, video, text) and is focused on empowering individuals to form groups to collaborate, collect and find quality ideas and content.

Within a PikSpot group, group members can comment, share, and rate submissions. One PikSpot account will work across all public groups and a private group system will allow companies to solicit and organize employee or stakeholder input.

PikSpot is the web platform behind UndoTV and Don Tapscott's Wikinomics site.

Official Website: http://pikspot.com/preview

Added by Scottw on October 30, 2006



This sounds very cool Leo. Will you be taking Patrick and Robert away from DL.TV this Tuesday to come to your party? I wish that I could come.


tech filter promised to permanently link to UndoTV if it was launched and as long as it is launched we will follow through with our promise. We can't wait to see what you guys have in store for the world after we have gone all these years without TechTV.


This will be a tremendously exciting event Scott. I have followed its progress and believe the experts you have coming will let us understand the true value PikSpot has to offer. Can't wait!


Leo, Everything you touch turns to gold, so wishing you good luck is uneccessary. I'll be watching from here in D.C. Keep up the good Alchemy!


Very exciting, HUGE Potential!
Wish I could drop everything and attend. At Podcamp Pittsburgh there were several conversations discussing the need for this type of space. Can't wait to hear the details and let us know how we can get invites to the service.