22 Fleet Street
London, England EC4Y 1AA

UPDATE: Because we continue to do so well in the rugby we will make sure we have a TV on which to watch it for those of you who want to. What more could you ask Rugby and free booze :)

To celebrate the 100th episode of the boagworld web design podcast we would like to invite you all to join us at Ye Olde Cock Tavern for a night of drinking and podcasting.

We will be endeavoring to record our 100th episode on the night, if we can be heard over the drinking songs and if we haven't lost the ability to speak by that point.

All are welcome, even those of you who have never heard of or even hate the show. As an incentive there will be FREE DRINKS for as long as our cash holds out!

Please come so we can pretend we are popular!

Official Website: http://www.boagworld.com

Added by boagworld on July 27, 2007



Fingers crossed you won't have to compete with someone's band practicing or a group of rowdy gamblers, as experienced at previous geek events held there!

Sounds like fun, will try and make it.


I think that we have the whole place (not sure, would need to check with Ian).


Mmm. Cock Tavern pizza plus podcasty goodness.




Is there anywhere else we need to sign up besides here?


Sounds like a great idea. Count me in.


Better start planning :P


I better start saving money! Taking a plane from Brazil to London is not exactly cheap, but I was planning a trip there anyway!



We ll be there!
(me and my husband)


Are you doing anything other than the pub? As I don't 'do' pubs and the whole drinking thing, although I'd love to go. Any chance of going somewhere to eat later?


Oh ok then, I'll get hold of a cardboard cut out crowd, they will make you more popular and won't haggle you during the show.

Seriously, up for it, will ask a couple of mates I know who also listen to the show, might be a a bit of long journey though (after a skin full anyway).

Looking forward to it.



Okay in response to the questions...

1. No need to sign up anywhere but here.
2. We will almost certainly get food as well at some point.


Cool Paul, I'm in then.... Groovy I look forward to it :D


I'm in.
I shall have to work on my radio voice (I already have the face).
See you there.


Paul, I'd love to be there but I might be between Barcelona and Hollywood. If I can possibly manage a stopover in London, I'll do so! Go 100th episode! :)


Be great to see you again - will move H & E to get there!

Jonathan Schultz

You should make the podcast like twice as long for the happy drunken event.

Fancy dress?

I should be able to make it, coming from Derbyshire and only just started driving. Might need to find someone to go with.

the editor

Put me down for a maybe you crazy crazy cats!



Yeah! Can't believe you've done 100 of them!


I can't believe people put up with a 100 of them. All 100 episodes of Paul and Marcus flirting....... WTF! Why am I going!?!?!

lol, just joking people. Seriously, I'm looking forward to it. About time I took this career move seriously.

El Barto


Sounds like an interesting event, hard to believe I started listening near the start and now it's nearing 100, my god I really have no life.

I should be able to make it will be the first ever gathering that's even semi-related to web development I've been to.


Out of curiousity Paul - Do we have a limit on how many people there can be at the night?


Oh and another one - cheap hotels. Can anyone recommend a good Travel Inn or similar cheap place to stay? I intend to be quite merry by the end of this. Last thing I want is to try and get a train back to my folks place to stay, fall asleep on the train and end up in Brighton. It's happened before...


One more that some people might need to know. People who want to come to the recording but are under 18. Can they get into the pub OK? Will they be asked to leave at a certain?


Leesy: There shouldn't be a problem for under 18s. The Cock Tavern is where we use for Geek Dinner, and I've seen young(er) people in there.


Gutted - My girlfriends friend is getting married that day so it might be difficult to attend unless I can hatch a very cunning plan. Maybe they will move the wedding date for me :-/

Have a fab time - the last one was a lot of fun (from what little I remember).


The beer money is going to last about 5 minutes at this rate! :(

Bring Stuff

I love Fancy Dress me! I'm in


Congrats :) Looking forward to hearing it.


I am a fan of the podcasts and will try to attend.


I am regular listner to your podcasts, from here in Sri Lanka. However unable to attend. I wish you good luck.


Looks like we are beginning to get a bit of schwag together to give away on the night so that should be good.


I'm actually starting to get quite excited about this. I don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. Btw is Marcus going to bring his guitar? Cos if he is, I might give it a miss :P

One thing I feel is going to happen is that, because so many people listen to the podcast, it's like we know your personality (even if it's just the 'radio' personality) so you'll have all these freaks (us) talking to you both like we know you lol.

I pity you both, you sure you know what you are getting into lol


I might just be there :)


I just got a new swim suit and I am ready to cross the channel !

See you all,



Sweet. Andy Budd is coming!

Wondering whether wearing a t-shirt saying "Nested Tables are the future!" will get me beaten.


Congrats Paul - will try and make it!


Bad news. I can't make it. I know I know your thinking "whats the point in doing it then?" but please, carry on. :P Seriously though I can't make it, sucks I know but I have a real important 'thing' :(

Jim Callender

All the best for the night, I will be in Spain.. Good luck with the 'LIVE' podcast and hope to see plans for the SxSW Britpack socials soon.. if you need help contact me http://www.jayonline.co.uk ;)


Did someone mention a Rugby World Cup thing? On the same night now? Tough call... ;-)


Not really Scorch. We are trying to set it up so you have access to the rugby at the event :) Kick off isn't until 9pm anyway :)


9pm in Paris. 8pm in Londres ;)


Is there going to be a place in the pub where one can explicitly *not* watch rugby?


Been a long time listener and hope to make it!!



oh yeah - any recommendations for cheap place to stay over?
My last train home is not very late... :(


I got http://www.st-christophers.co.uk/ recommended to me. Borough High Street being the closet.